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Monday, April 30, 2007

A lot of you have asked where I have been. Well, OK, one person has asked, but these things can snowball. I have found it necessary to go "underground" because of circumstances beyond my control. I apologize for not being able to speak more openly of specifically about this, but the less you know the better. It is for your own good.

Here is a picture of my room. The more clever among you might be able to figure out where this is, from visual clues. Then you can come and visit me. But be careful. I do not take kindly to unannounced visitors!

Things will not always be this way. It may not be long before I return with more stories of the health club, complaints about stoplights, and observations on the bike trail. But until then, let me leave you with this quote:

There is no quote. I was just getting carried away there!

--R. Speen, April 2007


Friday, January 26, 2007

Rock-a-Billy or New Age?

If you had to be a type, would you be a Rock-a-Billy or a New Ager?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The space heater is on.

I'm reading the book Middlesex, and have been walking around in this Greek, detriot-ish, maybe I'm a lesbian, haze. You have to read it!

Do you think books really make people smarter, or do they just make you better at being an interesting conversationlist? You know, one of those people that can really hold there own no matter what subject is brought up. Usually during the wine induced after dinner conversation at the soon to be parents, aging hipster's house, on Thanksgiving.

Of course I'm a little neurotic...
name one person who isnt!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here I am with Marko at my work's Xmas party.

What is up with that new Justin Timberlake Song?

Hey, Happy Holidays Everyone! Yesterday I spent 24 hours with the dud making and decorating x-mas cookies. First we made the dough, right before we went to bed Thursday night. Then we got up, rolled the dough out, and baked the cookies..which if you have ever made cookies using cookie cutters, you'll understand why it took us like 4 hours to make about 3 dozen cookies. It's a pain...but we got along, and he was stoned the majority of the time...so it was pretty mellow. After that you have to let the suckers cool. I invited Tassy and Jordan over to help decorate later in the evening. They showed up soaking wet, with sandwiches from the "God Bless You Deli" in hand...which I thought was sort of festive. It took us a few hours to decorate the cookies, I'll post pics soon of the outcome.
I do love xmas, and I'm so happy I didn't go home to Milwaukee for the holidays this year. I HATE traveling during the holidays. Everyone is crazed and you wind up in a petrie dish of an airplane breathing in other people's sneezes. This is my first xmas in New York (I've lived here for 3 years now, can you believe it?). It's warm today, maybe about 55 degrees. I walked out of my boyfriend's apartment this morning and was pushed around by all the polish people rushing around, buying their final Chirstmas sauages. (Can you imagine what their colons must look like?)

What's up with that new Justin Timberlake Song? The one that's like: Get your sexy on (go Hippy Go!) Get your sexy on (go Hippy Go!) I heard it 3 times yeaterday, and I dont even have a radio, I just heard it while I was walking around, in stores and cars. Is it really that great of a song? Or is it just Justin Timberlake's last hope for success...him and his gf both seem to really be moving towards the "B Scale" of the celebrity list. Did they both just get new publisists? I noticed that Cameron Diaz re-vamped her look by dying her hair dark brown and posing for the cover of some fashion magazine. The cover shouts: "Look my hair is dark now, instead of light. I have a whole new attitude towards life and myself."

What is with all the blonds dying their hair dark this season...Britney Spears dyed her hair mousey brown which looks awful combined with all that 'I had two babies in two years baby fat.'
And Nicole Richie showed up on the cover of every trash magazine dyed brown after she drove down an LA freeway the wrong way, and then parked her car on the off ramp so she could chat on her cellphone. Maybe she was drunk with the power of looking like a smart brunette? It was either that or all the vicodin and marijuana she said she had consumed that day. But at least she's not a heroin addict anymore!

I got the teaching job.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teaching Job in Brooklyn

I'm 90% sure I got a teaching job at a college in Brooklyn..I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, it's out in this area called Manhattan beach/Brighten Beach..way out by Coney island, it's primarily a Russian area..it's pretty wild, all these tiny little smoky Russian restaurants.
One place called the Apollo theatre is an old movie theatre that they turned into a Russian restaurant. Then, once you get out to the beach area, there are these huge homes, it looks kind of like Lake Drive in Milwaukee. In a matter of a block it goes from crazy urban Brooklyn, with trash and grime everywhere, to old Tudor homes on a beach front.
The two women I may work with were these really wonderful women in their 50's. Art teacher types, sharp and creative with a ton of life experience..love it.
I was a little put off by the communte out there, but once I met these two professor ladies I was totally sold on teaching the class. Who you work with-for makes all the difference. Did I mention that the 70 acre campus is surronded on three sides by water? The Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica Bay and Sheepshead Bay. yep

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two new drawings!

Me and my man spend a lot of our time drawing together. Which is good, because then one doesnt feel all that capitalism guilt for not doing something productive with your time. I guess we all feel like that sometimes when we're sitting on the couch watching the 3rd DVD in a row, eating Thai take out, watching our bodies slowly stretch out-hips and stomachs...wondering "what did I do with my life before I got involved in this relationship?"
The first one is called "Hawaii" and the second one is just a sunset.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I went to a Eckerd pharamacy (like walgreens) yesterday in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Manhattan Ave. The pharamacy is in an old rollar skating rink..they basically just laid carpet over the rink, and put shelves everywhere. The disco ball is still hanging from the ceiling, and you still walk down a ramp to get into the large circular area where the rink used to be to be, but now they sell shower gel and 100 packs of plastic forks.